Thailand offers many wonderful festivals and celebrations throughout the country.

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Festivals in Thailand

Submerge yourself in Thai culture and get involved in Thailand celebrations and festivals throughout the country.

These are just a few of the festivals happening in Thailand that you may wish to see – ask us for more details of these or festivals in other parts of Thailand.

Kanchanaburi – River Kwai Bridge Festival

This yearly festival in Late November (or early December) celebrates the world famous, bridge across the River Kwai. During the week-long festival there is a nightly light and sound presentation which brings to life its Second World War history. There will be exhibitions and historical and archaeological displays; a carnival featuring sideshows, roundabouts, folk entertainment, and cultural performances.

Phimai - Sound and Light show

This three day spectacular sound and light show of ‘Vimainatthakarn’ portrays the glorious era of the Khmer empire in Thailand. Highlights are cultural shows by Thai classical dance groups, local Thai classical dances, and the exhibition of history, culture and tourist sites of ancient Thailand and Siam. You can also watch Buddha image processions and of course, the traditional long-boat races, draw thousands of visitors every year.

Nong Khai - Naga Fireball festival

Some say this magical display is caused by natural phenomenon created by methane gas ignition, others feel it is a man made hoax. For the native people of Thailand, the fireballs are king serpents rising up out of their underwater dwellings. To visitors it never ceases to be an extra-ordinary spectacle. Annually, on the 11th lunar month, the natural wonder of the Naga fireballs appears to the thousands who dare come to witness them!

Surin - Elephant Round up

The Surin Elephant Round up takes place on the third weekend of November in Surin. By tradition the people of Surin were especially skilled at capturing and training elephants. The festival celebrates the skills and strength of these majestic animals. After a short “elephant breakfast” on the Friday morning, over 300 elephants march through Surin city. Residents and especially children are stunning in traditional dress. The culmination of the show is where the elephants and residents re-enact past battles.

Yasathon - Rocket festival

This is a fun day for all the family as residents of Yasathon attempt to entice the Rain Gods by firing homemade rockets into the sky. It has become something of a sporting event as now it is clearly a case of who’s got the best rocket! Stand well back and watch the antics, magic and show.

Experience Songkran

This festival celebrates the Thai New Year and takes place in mid-April. It reflects the importance of water to this agrarian community. The resultant antics of the natives can be both endearing and funny as water wars take place on the street, Buddha images are bathed, and mischievous children pour water over the heads of their respected elders. Be prepared to get soaked!

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